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Home Chapel Service

In today’s society families need more than just the traditional funeral. At Griffin-Wright, we provide a unique way to serve families, along with executing a personal and serene atmosphere to ease your burden. We offer each family the opportunity to have their loved ones funeral service in their home,  this is called Home Chapel Service.  You can rest easy knowing you have made a great choice when you select Griffin-Wright Funeral Service.

Our motto is “Modern Day Flair With A Down Home Feel Serving Our Families Through Home Chapel Service.”
We concentrate on providing you with outstanding service.

Our Motto....

Modern Day Flair

What do we mean by, “Modern Day Flair With a Down Home Feel?” Unlike the early days of Egyptian embalming, where no protective gear was worn and spectator crowds were also allowed to look on as the process took place. We dress appropriately as the condition of the deceased demands. The embalming process is a private experience to be held by the embalmer and the decedent. We follow all recommendations of the CDC guidelines. 

Down Home Feel

The “Down Home Feel” refers to the friendliness of the south where everyone is considered your neighbor. That’s the feeling we here at Griffin Wright are embracing while revealing this sentiment to our families!

A going home funeral service in your home was tradition years ago. This type of celebration can happen again with Griffin Wright Funeral Service. Imagine an intimate service with just close family and friends celebrating your loved ones’ return to their Creator. This special event can happen if you desire it. Won’t you consider this one-of-a-kind service with us.

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Planning a funeral isn’t often an easy process, especially if you are close to the deceased. But there are ways to make the funeral more personable and intimate. Home Chapel Service provides the living with a way to say goodbye to their loved one in the comfort of their own home. At Griffin-Wright Funeral Home, we want you to have the type of funeral that works best for you. 

How Does Home Chapel Service Work?

Allowing Griffin Wright Funeral Service to enter your home with your loved one, is all it takes to have a Home Chapel Service. Whether we are bringing the casket or cremains through the door, an at-home funeral service should be structured as a small but intimate gathering.  Consider a Home Chapel Service inside or outside your place of residence.  The type of service could be a funeral service  (body is present) or memorial service (body is not present)   After services you can select to bury your loved one.  As a society,  there are families who are concerned about the environment.  We can facilitate a Green Burial service for your loved one.

Why Choose Home Chapel Service?

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to saying goodbye to loved ones. Some people consider at-home funerals to be more loving and personal. Now that COVID-19 and its variants are a concern in our society, our precious grandparents may have difficulty attending services due to the threat of exposure or illness. Our at-home services will allow them to experience their loved ones’ funeral service firsthand with minimal risk.  Celebrating the lives of loved ones should be an opportunity to be held by all who desire to attend. Whether it is church, chapel, or Home Chapel Service know that Griffin-Wright Funeral Home is here to support you however you need us.  If you are interested in having a Home Chapel Service in Chicago, IL, or the surrounding areas Contact Us today to learn how to arrange this type of service.