Selecting Griffin-Wright Funeral Service to care for your loved one is a great decision. As your loved one’s funeral provider they will receive a licensed and skilled professional, who observes and provides each family with consideration and personal care. Each family’s needs are quickly met at Griffin-Wright. Families are not rushed but are carefully listened to in the arrangement conference. Those desires expressed during the conference are demonstrated on the day of service. Consequently, Griffin-Wright Funeral Service provides the compassionate staff and time to work with each families concerns before, during and after their loved ones service.

In today’s society families need more than just the traditional funeral. At Griffin-Wright, we provide a unique way to serve families, along with executing a personal and serene atmosphere to ease your burden. We offer each family the opportunity to have their loved ones funeral service in their home,  this is called Home Chapel Service.  You can rest easy knowing you have made a great choice when you select Griffin-Wright Funeral Service.

Our motto is “Modern Day Flair With A Down Home Feel Serving Our Families Through Home Chapel Service.”
We concentrate on providing you with outstanding service.

Service For You

With a heart for service and keeping you, our extended family, in the forefront of our mind, please allow us to assist you through one of the most difficult and life-altering times of your life. We are here to help.  

What do we mean by, “Modern Day Flair With a Down Home Feel?” Unlike the early days of Egyptian embalming, where no protective gear was worn and spectator crowds were also allowed to look on as the process took place. We dress appropriately as the condition of the deceased demands. The embalming process is a private experience to be held by the embalmer and the decedent. We follow all recommendations of the CDC guidelines. 

The “Down Home Feel” refers to the friendliness of the south where everyone is considered your neighbor. That’s the feeling we here at Griffin Wright are embracing while revealing this sentiment to our families!

Bereavement can seem to be unbearable due to the absence of a loved one. If you are unable to find peace of mind, if you seem to be on edge consistently, or perhaps not able to sleep due to the stress of the void, please call us! We would love to assist you and help facilitate your healing process. 

Home Chapel Service

Imagine a funeral service in your home as they had years ago, we can provide that service for you if you so desire.  Having a few family and friends over to support you during this time can be cathartic.
What about those family members who are unable to make a chapel or church service? If you decide to have the service in your home those family members could just move from room to room or chair to chair so that they can witness this going home from the home celebration.  Isn’t that convenient?

Generate Excitement

We have a great and exciting externship opportunity for junior year student(s) in a mortuary science program. You’ll have the opportunity to experience what we mean by our motto, “Modern Day Flair With A Down Home Feel.”

The owner will allow serious-minded juniors to get a brief exciting externship providing a visual aspect of the embalming process and the proper way to dress and casket the deceased. This allowance creates an atmosphere of full-circle learning by combining book knowledge with a visual connection. This is something that has not been implemented in the past.

Griffin Wright Funeral Home is working diligently to benefit the students in a way that creates a heightened and enhanced experience in the classroom. Perhaps, if time allows, a few questions can be answered.

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