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  1. Insurance agencies. We will take one for the company used.
  2. Filing final tax returns.
  3. Transferring titles between owners.
  4. Military benefits and pensions.
  5. Financial accounts
    • Bank
    • Stocks and Bonds
    • Credit Cards
    • Streaming Services (netflix, hulu, etc.)
  1. If death occurs at home and the family member is under doctors care, contact the physician. You can check the medication bottle if you’re not sure.
  2. If death occurs at home and the family member is under hospice care — there is a hospice nurse that can provide instructions.
  3. If death occurs and the decease is alone at home .. The police should be notified and respond before the deceased is moved.

Immediately contact the emergency personnel.

  1. Check in with immediate family and get support.
  2. Make immediate plans.
  3. Notify close family, friends and work.
  4. Honor the end of life wishes (if you are aware).
  5. Select appropriate funeral, burial or cremation provider to plan the ceremony.
  6. Decide on a couple of charities that honor your loved ones legacy.. in case you would rather have donations sent there in lieu of flowers.
  7. Publish obituary and notice to creditors.
  8. Locate their last will and testament if possible.
  9. Notify any named person in the will and set expectations.
  10. PAUSE and take time to grieve, mourn and self-care.
  11. Secure valuables personal assets and belongings.
  1. Ask neighbors to keep a watch over the home for unusual activity.
  2. Identify and involve any named executors or personal representative.
  3. Estate settlement and simplify the process look into ATTICUS.
  4. Determine if probate is necessary look into small estate affidavit.
  5. Obtain letters and present wheel to the probate court( if there is one).
  1. Notify IRS and obtain a tax ID number for the estate.
  2. Publish a notice to creditors.
  3. File a request to forward mail.
  4. Register for DATA MARKETING ASSOCIATION (DMA)-there is no fee to register online for the deceased do not contact us.
  5. Notify insurance and financial institutions.
  6. Open a new bank account and transfer or retitle assets.
  7. Cancel services, utilities, drivers license, Social Security card, voter registration  passports can be destroyed or canceled look into CLASP UNIT, you may want to call local field office or national health number for Social Security 1-800-772-1213.
  8. Identify and pay bills— services should be canceled. Examples: internet, cable, phone, etc.
  9. Compile the inventory of assets.
  10. Tackle the digital footprint. Examples: computer, emails, pictures or CLOUD.
  1. Make a decision about compensation for executor.
  2. File returns and pay taxes.
  3. Distribute assets to heirs and beneficiary.
  4. Prepare the final report and close the estate.

* We are aware that this list is not for everyone. This is merely a guide to help you to think about the steps you need to take to finalize and closeout personal information concerning your loved one.

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